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Tunnels of Almandoz and Belate

AVEVA software together with GISIZE to carry out both projects.

The existing Belate and Almandoz tunnels are located on the N-121-A national highway in Navarra, a northern region of Spain. The current tunnel regulations require higher levels of safety than those established for these tunnels in 1997, when they were constructed.

That highway supports a daily flow of 10,000 vehicles / day, with 28% heavy traffic. For all these reasons, and due to the vital importance of this axis in the direction of France, both tunnels have renovated their control systems to bring them into line with European safety regulations, applicable to all tunnels of more than 500 meters on the trans-European network.

Navarra’s government trusted on AVEVA software together with GISIZE to carry out both projects. The GISIZE Tunnel’s package tunnel standard was used for the implementation of the tunnels, what allowed them to easily replicate the tunnels, minimizing the engineering time and effort and maximizing the results.

The GISIZE Tunnel’s package provides them a full set of System Platform templates and industrial graphics that helped them to meet all the tunnel infrastructure requirements and regulations.

In addition, GISIZE Scheduler and Sequencer module was used, since the regulation requires to have a plan/scenario management system. GISIZE Scheduler and Sequencer module helped them providing a solution out of the box ready to use by the end users and allowing them to create their own automatic plans, such as the anti-fog plan or the fire-action plan.

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