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Naya Raipur Development Authority Smart City

AVEVA and GeoSpatial module of GISIZE become part of this project.

When AVEVA and their strategic partner Schneider Electric were selected by Atal Nagar (India’s first greenfield smart city) as their primary partners for infrastructure systems and software, they had a very clear vision that eventually led to AVEVA’s Unified Operations Center.  From the beginning, it was clear to AVEVA a geospatial tool was crucial to fully achieve the objective of monitoring and controlling the operations of the entire city.

This is when we proudly partnered up with AVEVA and GeoSpatial module of GISIZE become part of this project and also part the Unified Operations Center.

The operations teams at the Naya Raipur Development Authority need to make quick and informed decisions day in day out and most of these decisions involve geographically distributed elements and systems including the Smart Grid Electrical Systems, Smart Water Systems, Smart Building Systems, LED Street Lights, Bus Rapid Transport System, CCTV Surveillance, E-Governance solutions, Energy Management and the City Help Desk.  GISIZE GeoSpatial module helped combining the UOC’s powerful real time management capabilities with the city’s GIS providers and as a result allowing the operations teams having necessary tools at their fingertips to make these decisions.

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