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Ashghal Qatar Water & Wastewater

GISIZE working together with AVEVA Software has been part of its success.

Ashghal (هيئة الأشغال العامة‎) is the Public Works Authority of Qatar headquartered in Al Dafna, Doha. It is an autonomous institution that design, deliver and manage all infrastructure related projects as well as public amenities of the State.

Ashghal from the hand of Avanceon system integrator have transformed the Doha metropolitan area in a smart city. GISIZE working together with AVEVA Software has been part of its success.

A very advanced solution with complex requirements was needed for smart watering the metropolitan infrastructure as well as manage citizen complaints, maintenance teams and extreme critical situations like the rainy season.

Ashghal and Avanceon trusted in the AVEVA software to work as the real time platform SCADA and workflow of the system. And specially for this project, GISIZE Geospatial module was the key of the success.

GISIZE Geospatial module allowed them to integrate more than half a million assets in the real time platform coming from their existing ArcGIS/Esri platform.

With GISIZE Geospatial module used as the main user interface embedded in Intouch OMI, they can see in the map the whole watering pipe network in real time, the distributed assets as manholes or pumps with their alarm and complaints status, and the real time position of the different maintenance UAT vehicles.

It has become the interface to manage the critical systems of the city, and is key for them, since this system must be up and running to manage important scenarios like the ones happening in the rainy season.

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