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Infrastructure Framework Suite

GISIZE Infrastructure Framework Suite is a complete solution for Infrastructure projects, which empower developers with all the tools needed to enhance their offering.

GISIZE covers the main infrastructure needs providing modules, tools, and documentation that guides developers to carry out an infrastructure project (such as airports, railways, facilities, ports, tunnels, smart cities, etc.) based on standards and best practices.

It also helps to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and the time to market significantly and ensures good development practices and high quality outcomes.

What is the need and What does GISIZE bring to the table?

Three of the main needs of infrastructure projects are the ability to offer plans and scenarios directly to the end user, the functionality of geo-locating assets integrating them into the SCADA with real-time data and finally the functionality of integration with BIM models.

Those are specific functionalities required and each time more demanded in any infrastructure project. Obliviously, in industrial projects too.

With GISIZE you have best of both worlds at your fingertips: Almost unlimited power of Wonderware and a human oriented approximation.

GISIZE is fully integrated with Wonderware strategy

GISIZE has been developed aligned with Wonderware technology in order to enhance the Wonderware´s user experience.


Supported in System Platform and InTouch (2014R2 and later) and InTouch OMI (2017 Update 1 and later).

Easy toolset

Providing several productivity tools: auto deploy, automatic object creation, SDK, templates & instances, online/offline mode.

Wonderware Standard

Development environment based on Wonderware IDE and using Wonderware Logger.


Integrated as an InTouch OMI App.

An “Out of the Box” solution for all your Infrastructure projects

GISIZE is composed of several modules and tools that provide end users all the features that are necessary in an infrastructure project. GISIZE allows end users to create a real digital experience managing infrastructure environments.

The main modules of GISIZE are:

Geospatial Module

Enhance the visualisation and navigation of spatial or geographical data in Wonderware, allowing easy integration with GIS providers as ESRI/ARCGIS, OpenStreetMaps, GoogleMaps, Bing, etc.

Scheduler & Scheduler Module

Provide a scheduling application natively integrated in Wonderware with step-by-step workflows.

BIM Integration Module

Integrate BIM models in Wonderware, creating and updating Wonderware and GISIZE objects automatically.

Virtual World Module

Represent and communicate 3D scenes and objects in the Wonderware environment.

Find us at
AVEVA Channel IGNITE 2019

GISIZE will be at AVEVA Channel IGNITE 2019. You’ll be able to see GISIZE framework working at IGNITE EXPO Sales Play structure: Intelligent Operations Center, in the “Smart Cities and Infrastructure booth.

Do you want to know more?
Wonderware Iberia team will be expanding the booth and demo contents with a Deep Dive session on Monday 15th of April. It’s your opportunity to know firsthand infrastructure projects singularities, and how to approach them using GISIZE framework.

Complete the following form and you will be able to touch the GISIZE Infrastructure Framework Suite at AVEVA Channel IGNITE 2019.

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