What’s New?

What’s New?

▲ GISize on Aveva Digital Exchange (as of August 2018)

▲ Main new features

  • Supported in System Platform 2017 Update 2 and InTouch OMI (as of June 2018).
  • Supported in InTouch Standalone (as of November 2017).
  • ArchestrA Graphics as GISize markers with read/write features (as of September 2018).
  • Online/Offline/Vectorial Maps as Layers (as of August 2018).
    • It allows superimposing different maps at the same time.

▲ New User's Guide & Training Manual (as of May 2018)

  • Training Material with hands-on labs.
  • Part of the install package of the product.
  • Demo Application
    • Upon completion of the training course users will have developed a fully functional demo app through finishing different labs.
  • Specific lab to integrate with ArcGIS/ESRI.

What’s Next?

▲ Native integration with Google Maps Platform using API Key : October 2018

  • Complies with Google’s new pricing.

▲ Scheduler & Sequencer: Q4 2018

  • Scheduling application natively integrated in Wonderware with step-by-step workflows.

▲ Virtual World: Q4 2018

  • Represent and communicate 3D scenes and objects in the Wonderware environment.

▲ BIM Viewer: Q1 2019

  • Integrate BIM models in Wonderware, creating and updating Wonderware and GISize objects automatically.

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