Integrate BIM Models in
AVEVA System Platform and Intouch OMI.
Bi-directional integration for automatic engineering and spatial navigation enhancing in your Operations Management Interface.

Becolve Digital R+D+i Area

BIM – Digital Twin Module

Create your Digital Twins in AVEVA System Platform. Use IDE toolbox to configure animations, automatically create assets and reduce the setup time. Navigate through the model, see animations and Industrial Graphics on top.


Reduce engineering time

System Platform IDE build in toolbox, automatic asset creation and System Platform Galaxy Integration.

BIM Model animation

Create animations without any scripting and linked to real time System Platform attribute values.

Industrial Graphics

Show and navigate with Industrial Graphic animations on top of the 3D BIM Model.

Operations Management Interface APP

OMI App ready to use with multiple variable namespace to control view features.

“Real” real-time infrastructure management

GISIZE, through the BIM-Digital Twin Module, allows access and interaction with information from different buildings, such as energy consumed, water consumption, the number of building alarms, temperature, humidity, etc… all in real time. It allows the visualization and browsing of existing metadata of the BIM file (for example, dimensions, properties of materials, manufacturer’s data, date of purchase, technical characteristics, etc…)

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