Infrastructure Framework Suite

GISIZE provides modules, tools, and documentation that guides developers to carry out an infrastructure project (airports, railways, facilities, ports, tunnels, smart cities, data centers etc.) based on standards and best practices. It also helps to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and TtM (Time to Market) significantly and ensures good development practices and high quality outcomes.

Main GISIZE modules:

Adds value to infrastructure projects

In an effort to reduce the time that system integrators need to invest in gaining experience with Application Server and Infrastructure projects, and to ensure that all systems are using the best practices and possible architectures, Becolve Digital R+D+i Area has created a Framework Suite for Infrastructure projects based on its experience and knowledge with airports and smart cities.

Best ROI

Faster project development.

Best CTO

Extend AVEVA System Platform capabilities.

Ensure Quality

Adopt standards, tools and good development practices.